Change Room is a sound installation of conversations about one’s own fears, apprehensions and desires, driving change through the acts of telling, listening and witnessing.

Artist Baaraan Ijlal conceptualized this installation as an open channel of voices telling their stories anonymously, with herself as the witness.

The viewers walk into a room with the pre-recorded audio of intimate conversations playing. The viewers can opt to record their own reflections anonymously which are then added to the audio that is being played. Thus, the installation grows on the site.

Change Room draws meaning and relevance by allowing anonymous space for a mutual dialogue to both the artist and the viewer, to acknowledge, respond and speak about their fear in total privacy in the context of preserving their rights to identity and freedom.

As the artist continues to record for Change Room throughout the year, the installation grows as hundreds of untold stories of people from myriad walks of life – nomads, refugees, office goers, lawyers, sex workers, go on record here.