Baaraan Ijlal is a self-taught artist based in New Delhi (India). She is drawn to the phenomenon of record keeping – both official and off the record stories. Engaged with language, in the widest sense, she is interested in the idea of listening and creating witnesses. She tends to create work through direct interactions with individuals and communities. Her themes include evolution, hybridity, body, memory, alienation and migration. She paints and creates installations of sound, video, light and embroidery.

Her permanent installation of notes to self by forty-three women embroiderers from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh (India), titled ‘Silent Minarets‘, is set up at T2 in the Mumbai International Airport (India).

Her interactive video and sound installation of voices of young women talking about the body, desire and representations of young women, titled ‘Bird Box‘, has been widely shown by networks working in gender and education.

Her installation at the World Health Organization’s First Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health (October, 2018), titled ‘Coal Couture‘, is a mock brand of luxury luggage made with wood and glass, designed with specific requirements for ‘those who matter’, with the real baggage on display: a child’s schoolbag, shoes, uniform, math exercise book, all objects collected from homes covered in the finest coal dust at coal mining sites in India, South East Asia and South Africa.

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